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demo | Deep Learning

Kick-start Deep Learning with TensorFlow and Keras

This is a kick-start demo on how to run Deep Learning the ‘fast and lean way’. In other words, here I will show how to quickly have a Keras example up and running. My point was not to optimize anything, rather to get an example quickly up using information from different sources. It worked for me. (more…)

tip | Text Classifier (Machine Learning with Python)

Machine Learning with Python and Scikit

It is fascinating how fast one can build a text analyzer with Python and Scikit. Tutorials and examples on this abound. A common approach is to first build numerical representations of the text and then apply standard statistical (or machine learning) techniques. Basically, one inputs text examples to train the system; and then one uses previously unused data to apply the model and check the results. But I also wanted to know also how the intermediate data looks like. To this effect, (more…)

insight | From WESB to IIB

Having worked with Websphere ESB, one can not help considering whether one ought to switch to IBM’s new strategic integration platform, the IBM Integration Bus (IIB). I had a look at the latest version of the Integration Toolkit for the Integration Bus and would like to share my insights. The two issues that I will address are, (1) the main differences when building mediation and service integration, and (2) how to migrate from Websphere ESB to Integration Bus.


tip | XSD to XLSX Conversion

XSD to XLSX Conversion (XSD2XLSX): for documentation and better readability

Exchanging messages between systems is mostly implemented using XML files, which are specified with xml schema definitions, i.e. XSD files. In order to have the parties involved to agree on what data is transmitted, there are often Excel sheets (XLSX) used for documentation. Both the XSD and the Excel file can become quite large, and changes need to be done for both files, which is often overlooked. In order to support the documentation of the XSD, I used (more…)