A selection of how we’ve helped our clients analyze requirements, specify functionalities, build and test software systems over the past 15 years:


Project: Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)
Client: DZ-Bank, Frankfurt am Main

Role: Module Lead, Solution Architect Infrastructure and Process Optimization
Technology: Splunk, Git, ServiceNow, Red Hat Linux, OpenShift, Active Directory

  • Automation of Splunk onboarding
  • Workflows for access management (Active Directory)
  • Consulting monitoring bank applications, e.g. Asset Management
  • Splunk Development (Queries, Visualization Dashboards)
  • Analysis of current architecture
  • Analysis and correction of Splunk configuration
  • Architecture Workshops moderation



Project: Machine Learning Approaches to Fraud Detection
Client: Finanz Informatik, Hannover [Remote]

Role: Management Consultant, Data Scientist
Technology: Python (sklearn, pandas, numpy), Exasol, Watson

  • Consulting for Machine Learning Approaches Application
  • Data Cleansing and Clustering Concepts Visualization
  • Python and SQL prototype coding



Project: CRM-T and Process Transformation Retail
Client: IBM Deutschland GmbH/ Deutsche Telekom, Darmstadt

Role: Management Consultant and Solution Architect
JavaEE, Siebel CRM, Siebel Tools, IBM Websphere MQ, Oracle DB, Splunk, XML, HTML, SQL, MS Office, VBA, Python, Visio, MID Innovator, eScript (compatible to JavaScript), MDA, OOD, AWS

  • Moderation Architecture workshops current/goal analysis
  • Conception target architecture and infrastructure
  • Splunk development for log analysis
  • Support transition process IBM / T-Systems
  • Prototyping for AWS and IBM cloud services
  • Organisation Knowledge Transfer Workshops
  • Coordination developer team (10-20 developers offshore, nearshore)



Project: Carve Out von Schäfer Bauten GmbH
Client: Betam GmbH, FFM, Niederlassung Oebisfelde

Role: Carve-Out und Interims IT-Manager
Technology:Windows Server,  SAP ERP

  • Moderation Workshops
  • Clarifying Licensing
  • Specification target architecture
  • Carve Out Roadmap and Data Migration
  • SAP ERP Carve Out
  • Switch Over Organization
  • Coordination employees and external support


RE-ENGINEERING (short term)

A selection of recent short term and very short-term projects.

Archive of selected projects

Projects ending 2012 and older in chronological descending order (from most to least recent.)

German Led Tech GmbH, Frankfurt am Main and Zürich, Switzerland

Project: Initial IT set-up
Role: Technical Consultant
Technology:  Windows Server, HTML, CSS, JavaScript

  • Website development (HTML, CSS)
  • Online calculator (JavaScript)
  • Team Coordination, Server Administration
DB Systel GmbH, Frankfurt am Main

Project: RoPro SOA
Role: Business Analyst
Technology:  Java, XML, SOAP UI, Enterprise Architect, Visio
Timeframe: 11.2008-12.2008

  • Functional Service Descriptions
  • Coordination development team (Java)
  • Testframework
  • SOAP UI introduction
  • Reporting in Excel / VBA
T-Home, Darmstadt

Project: WITA (Wholesale IT Architecture)
Role: Project Lead / CR-Manager
Technology: BPEL, BPMN, Oracle SOA Suite, XML, Visio, IBM MQ-Series
Timeframe: 03.2008-10-2008

  • Development lead SOA Suite / BPEL (approx. 40 developers)
  • Definition of Tracking
  • Specifications Oracle SOA Suite, SOAP, Java
  • QA and Change Management
  • Reporting in Excel / VBA
Jacobi Carbons GmbH, Frankfurt am Main

Project: IT Consolidation
Role: Management Consultant
Technology: Lotus Notes, MS Office, Open VPN, ITIL, Tableau
Timeframe: 06.2006-09.2008

  • Review IT Architecture
  • Data Mining Performance analysis
  • Coordination VPN
  • Lotus Notes Troubleshooting
  • Coaching
DZ-Bank AG, Frankfurt am Main

Project: SRK and ÖKK (Risk assessment)
Role: Business Analyst, Architect 
Technology: VBA, Java, Visio, IBM MQ-Series
Timeframe: 06.2007-06.2008

  • SOA consulting, context SAP Banking / BI, Java
  • (Code) Review
  • Architectural conception for mass data
  • Project Coach
  • Consulting implementation strategy (Java)
  • Development of VBA Testtool
  • Test
DB Systel GmbH, Frankfurt am Main

Project: Personnel Scheduling (EDITH, Carmen)
Role: Analyst, Architect 
Timeframe: 09.2007-03.2008

  • Architecture for data exchange and
    integration of systems
  • Prepare and present alternative
Evosoft GmbH / Siemens, Nürnberg

Project: Global eBusiness Platform for A&D
Role: Project Lead, Coach, Trainer
Technology: SAP, ABAP
Timeframe: 04.2007-07.2007

  • Stream lead (SAP WebAS Basis, ABAP OO)
  • Coaching SAP Netweaver,  SAP XI,
    incl. ALE
  • Coaching ABAP OO development
DB Systems GmbH, Frankfurt am Main

Project:  Streda Neu
Role:  Business Analyst, Requirements Manager, Architect
Technology: Enterprise Architect, UML 2.0
Timeframe: 10.2006-05.2007

  • Management of Requirements
  • Workshop with business departments
  • GIS (Oracle)
  • Process optimization SOA concept
  • UML 2.0 (Enterprise Architect, Java)
T-Systems Business Services GmbH, Frankfurt am Main

Project:  Automatic Order Interface 
Role: Stream lead
Technology:   SAP XI, IBM MQ, ABAP
Timeframe: 06.2006-10.2006

  • Team lead (10 developers)
  • SOA Architect Basis SAP XI/Netweaver
    (incl. ALE) and IBM WebSphere
  • CRM E2E conception
  • Requirements management
  • Interface specification (EDI)
T-Systems Business Services GmbH, Frankfurt am Main

Project: Business Process Engine
Role: Project Manager and Team Lead
Technology: SAP XI, webmethods, UML
Timeframe: 09.2005-06.2006

  • Team Lead (20 team members) 
  • Selection of Tools, Methods and Standards for SOA Strategy
  • EPKs with ARIS 6.2
  • SAP XI 3.0
  • UML diagrams
  • Benefit analysis of Business Process Management (BPM)
Audi AG, Ingoldstadt

Project: Review SAP XI Integration in CRM
Role: Consultant
Technology: SAP XI
Timeframe: 07.2005-10-2005

  • Review Integration Host Systems, SAP XI
    3.0, ALE, ABAP OO
T-Systems International GmbH, Frankfurt am Main

Project: Integrated Workflow System
Role: Stream lead 
Technology: SAP XI, Aris
Timeframe: 07.2003-07.2005

  • Workflow  SAP WebAS with SAP R/3 and Host context
  • Integration test, System test
  • UML Architect, Web Services
  • Requirements Workshops
  • Process specification  with ARIS
  • Management Change Requests
  • Rapid Prototyping
Siemens VDO Automotive AG, Villingen-Schwenningen and Schwalbach

Project: Introduction CMMI
Role: Quality Manager
Technology: embedded C
Timeframe: 10.2002-04.2004

  • Consulting, Training
  • Assessment CMMI   Level 2/3
    and ISO 15504
Artificial Life Inc., New York, NY, USA and Hong Kong, China

Role: External CTO
Technology: Java, JSP, Web, NLP
Timeframe: 08.2001-09.2002

  • CTO Machine Learning based systems
  • Team Lead (20 employees)
  • Multi Project Lead Financial services, e.g., Pioneerinvest
  • Responsible for Chatbots R&D
  • Strategy development
  • M&A negotiations, incl. TripleHop recommendation engine
Artificial Life Deutschland AG, Frankfurt am Main

Role: Director Projects & Consulting
Technology: Java, JSP, Web, NLP
Timeframe: 11.2000-07.2001

  • Multi Project Lead, e.g., Advance Bank, GZS, Hypo Vereinsbank, ZDF
  • Team Lead (15 employees)
  • Efforts estimation for process improvements
  • Requirement Workshops for Virtual Assistants, Financial Tools, Porfolio Management and more
  • Pre-sales support
  • Recruitment (incl. salary negotiations)
Mannesmann VDO AG, Babenhausen

Role: Software Quality Manager
Technology: embedded C, static code analysis
Timeframe: 11.1998-11.2000

  • Responsible for Training, Workshops,
  • Implementing Static Code Analysis (based
    on QA-Systems) 
  • Assessments ISO 15504 (SPICE)