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Dr. Andreas Bühlmeier article “Computer Cop: Machine Learning & Security” in the  upcoming 02/2021 issue of ADMIN | Network & Security magazine.

DBC strive for outstanding customer satisfaction by offering practical consulting and solutions, vast IT expertise and people skills that optimize cost-to-benefits ratios and sustainable systems in a climate of constant disruptive innovation. Many of our clients come from industry sectors with large scale, highly security-sensitive IT-infrastructure, including:

Financial Services, Insurance, Medical Instruments, Chemical, Telecommunications, Logistics, Government, Automotive, Construction and Consumer Products.

INSIGHT | Cybersecurity

The sharp increase in awareness of cybersecurity over the past years means that companies now consider it a key enterprise risk. As cybersecurity systems become more sophisticated, so do the attackers’ arsenals. Machine Learning (ML) techniques play a growing role in this scenario. Dr. Andreas Bühlmeier holds a PhD in Computer Science, specialized in Neural Networks, and has been a speaker at international conferences and author of several papers on Machine Learning.

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