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Data Science – Machine Learning – Cyber Security – Integration

DBC strive for outstanding customer satisfaction by offering practical consulting, training and solutions, vast IT expertise and people skills that optimize cost-to-benefits ratios.

We focus on Data Science, Machine Learning, Security and Access Management.

We are not affiliated with any SW product company, but work mostly with Python, Splunk and cloud platforms like Azure and AWS.

Many of our clients come from industry sectors with large scale, highly security-sensitive IT-infrastructure, including:

Financial Services, Insurances, Medical Instruments, Chemicals, Telecommunications, Logistics, Government, Automotive, Construction and Consumer Products.

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Data Science - Machine Learning - Cyber Security - Integration

INSIGHT | Cybersecurity

The sharp increase in awareness of cybersecurity over the past years means that companies now consider it a key enterprise risk. As cybersecurity systems become more sophisticated, so do the attackers’ arsenals. Machine Learning (ML) techniques play a growing role in this scenario. Dr. Andreas Bühlmeier holds a PhD in Computer Science, specialized in Neural Networks, and has been a speaker at international conferences and author of several papers on Machine Learning.

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