VKB and UKV, Saarbrücken

Project: Automatic Contract Termination
Role: Technology Consultant
Technology: IBM Process Designer and Integration Designer
Timeframe: 03.2017-04.2017

  • Coaching IBM Process Designer and Integration Designer (Websphere)
  • Moderation of workshops automatic processes
  • Hands-on support XML Technologies (XSD, SLT and WSDL)

Dreyer Digital Consulting, Hamburg

Project: Data Integration
Role: Technology- and Implementation Consultant
Technology: Google Script, HTML, CSS
Timeframe: 01.2017-02.2017

  • Debugging Google Script (compatible to JavaScript)
  • Merging data sources
  • Usage of jquery
  • Development Dashboard HTML 5

ZF Friedrichshafen

Project: Q-Das Solara Integration, SAP Archiving
Role: Code Reviewer, Template Development
Technology:   ABAP, VB Script, Visual Studio 2015, SAP
Timeframe: 10.2016-11.2016

  • Recommending development platform
  • Test and Debug
  • Redesign ABAP / OO, VBA
  • Providing guidelines for future development

ZF Friedrichshafen

Project: Q-Das Integration
Role: Code Analysis, Optimization, Coaching
Technology: VBscript, Windows User Admin., Q-Das, Visual Studio 2015
Timeframe: 05.2015-07.2015

  • Code Review VB Script
  • Development Test scripts
  • Documentation potential optimization
  • Coaching