Finanz Informatik, Hannover [Remote]

Project: Machine Learning Approaches to Fraud Detection
Role: Management Consultant, Data Scientist
Technology: Python (sklearn, pandas, numpy), Exasol, Watson
Timeframe: 10.2020-ONGOING

  • Consulting for Machine Learning Approaches Application
  • Data Cleansing and Clustering Concepts
  • Visualization
  • Python and SQL prototype coding

Philips Research, Hamburg [Remote]

Project: Machine Data Analysis (Big Data)
Role: Technical Solution Architect, Developer
Technology: Python, Pandas, SciKit-Learn, PySpark, Plotly, Dash, Vertica, SQL, R, Git, Azure DevOps, Git/Team Foundation Server (TFS), Jenkins Pipeline, AWS
Timeframe: 10.2018-ONGOING

  • Time series analysis using Python, including development
  • Preprocessing, feature selection and parameter tuning
  • Optimization and migration of Big Data Queries (SQL)
  • Review of Python code
  • Pipeline verification
  • Test automation for Big Data anomaly detection (Machine Learning approach)
  • Coding recommendation algorithm for predictive maintenance
  • Test automation for model verification
  • Visualization using Python libraries
  • Development Python code generator in Python
  • Migration to cloud databases

Allianz Global Investors, Frankfurt am Main

Project: Multi Asset Toolset Reengineering
Role: Solution Architect
Technology: Docker, Kubernetes, Python, Matlab, Git / BitBucket, Jenkins, Angular, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, bash, Azure, bash, PyCharm, Visual Studio Code
Timeframe: 06.2020-08.2020

  • Requirement workshop moderation
  • Definition of loosely coupled target architecture
  • Definition of logging concept
  • Machine Learning Presentation
  • Development (JavaScript, Python, HTML, CSS)

Bavarian Government, Munich 

Project: Re-engineering identity management system
Management Consultant and Business Analyst
UML, HTML, CSS, Angular, JavaEE, Solr
Timeframe: 03.2018-06.2018

  • Management consulting on Fuzzy Search
  • Recommendations for linguistic methods
  • Requirements Engineering
  • Code Review and Analysis of legacy system
  • Architectural consulting for JavaEE-Solr integration
  • Concept to integrate IBM host system
  • Prototyping (JavaScript/Angular)