Having worked with Websphere ESB you can not help thinking of whether you want to switch to IBM’s new strategic integration platform and that is the IBM Integration Bus (IIB).

Therefore, I had look at the latest version of the Integration Toolkit for the Integration Bus.
And like to share what I learnt.

I would like to address the following questions:
– What are the main differences when building mediations and service integrations ?
– How can I migrate from Websphere ESB to Integration Bus ?

Let’s start with what is pretty much the same.
– Both tools are Eclipse based, though arranged a differently (server now moved to the left), also you see different artifacts.
– Mapping has the same look & feel … both can use xpath

What is totally different ?
– no assembly diagram in IIB
– different palette, some different icons, there are many more primitives with the IIB’s toolkit.
– the IIB has no fan out / fan in to build aggregations, but a RouteToLabel.
For data aggregation scenarios where you are calling several services, you will need to install MQ, since the aggregation would be using queues.

– view of data flow when testing: how far you have come is shown in flow, so you can see better where you are (I like the new approach)

You can check here for instructions.
Good news: the developer toolkit is available for free, see here also for download, terms and conditions.


Good news: there is an integrated conversion tool to migrate from WESB:

Check here to set-up MQ for IIB:

Installing WebSphere MQ for use with IBM Integration Bus for Developers

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Don’t forget to apply fixes, e.g.:

Check out this lab (helped me, at least):

[iib10] Lab MQ: Build and run an integration solution that uses WebSphere MQ

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The IIB is a very powerful platform. But converting complex mediations from WESB to IIB will take time.
So to be ready for the strategic platform, the best is to start now using it for new applications and see with that experience what you want to move from WESB to IIB.


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